Field Observation

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Before making a choice to become a teacher completing a field observation is the greatest opportunity one can have. During this time, you have an opportunity to decide if teaching is right for you. Being a teacher is a lot harder than it actually looks. Teaching requires patients and determination. A teacher must be able to teach in a way that every student in the classroom can understand. This includes the gifted students as well as the low achieving students. The curriculum must accommodate to each student’s level of learning. This semester has provided me with many tools and concepts on how to become a successful teacher in the future. During this semester I had the pleasure to observe at Park Ridge Elementary School. The classes that I …show more content…
Every day the teacher would assign group assignments and the group captain would be responsible for presenting the answer that they all came up with. This is a method that I will implement in my future classroom. When students work in groups they are able to combine their ideas in order to form one answer that everyone in the group can agree with. It produces greater success for the low achieving students. Students are also taught how to effectively work as a team, working together and helping one another. Another thing that I noticed was that the diversity in the classroom. In arranging the group seating, I noticed that the teacher focused mainly on the strengths and weakness of the students other than just randomly seating the students anywhere they desired to sit. I met one fourth grade students who was struggling with his assignments. When the teacher presented a lesson on the smart board she would frequently paused in between to allow the student to take notes. He was always the last one to finish often times I would watch him just give. He explained to me that he was struggling and he didn’t think he was as smart as the other students in his class. By the next week Ms. Roxborough moved him to another group to see whether or not he would do better with another group of students. Through the next couple of weeks, I watch him progress in the group he was placed in. The new group of …show more content…
Many of the lessons that were taught involved class discussions and opinions of the students. often times she would ask the students question about how they felt towards a specific topic before introducing it in a lesson. I want my students to be involved and to know that their opinion matters.
Another approach that stood out to me was the way the teacher handled a situation between two girls in her class that had a disagreement. She waited until all the other students walk out of the classroom and then addressed the problem. She offered her assists to help alleviate the situation any way that she could.
This experience has not change my perspective of become a fourth grade elementary school teacher. This observation has taught me that in order to be a successful teacher one must always be prepared. Though I was only supposed to observe the class, the teacher gave me an opportunity to teach a small reading group of three students. It was the most enjoyable experience for me to actually be in the place of a teacher, teaching a reading lesson

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