Fidel Castro 's First Agrarian Reform Law ( 1959 ) Essay

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It is with deep concern that I, as the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), need to engage you in a serious foreign affairs situation so early in your new presidency. You are fully aware of the overall concerns in Cuba from your security briefings, but I need to bring to your attention our uneasiness over Cuba and Prime Minister Fidel Castro’s forceful move towards communism.
First, you know we were never pleased at Castro’s rise to power. Yet, although we were suspicious of his intentions, we were initially hopeful that the overthrow of Batista would bring positive changes that can come from regime change. Nonetheless, Castro has shown us that he is at least socialist by nature, if not communist. In fact, his Revolutionary Forces have brought him full, unbridled control of the Cuban Government, including operations, law enforcement, utilities, news outlets, and financial institutions.
In addition, the ratification and implementation of Cuba’s First Agrarian Reform Law (1959) was a disturbing display of government overreach on the part of Castro. Furthermore, he was successful at sending American-owned business back home after nationalizing sugar, mining, farming, and oil refining. The fact that he expected U.S. corporations to stand by and let him rule their business operations and production lines was unfathomable. It has been proven that Castro will go to all ends to accomplish his goals and we need to stop him immediately.
As well, to demonstrate the state of…

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