Fidel Castro 's Cuban Communist Party Essay

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The two films, To Live and A Dry White Season, only depicted two of the repressive regimes that that took place in the last century. However, there were many other governments and government systems that were very oppressive during their reign. One such system worth noting is Prime Minister Fidel Castro’s Cuban Communist Party in Cuba. The History Channel describes Castro’s rule as, “Marxist-Leninist… he limited the amount of land a person could own, abolished private business and presided over housing and consumer goods shortages. With political and economic options so limited, hundreds of thousands of Cubans… left Cuba.” Being a socialist highly restrictive dictatorship. Castro’s Communist Party is as infamous as the Apartheid and Chinese Communist Party for its inhuman policies. As a regime, it was very similar in its rise to the Chinese Communist Party. Although, Fidel’s policies contrast with the method undertaken by the South African Apartheid government. However, differing economic effects had lead to the downfall of Mao Zedong’s system far before the Apartheid and Cuban Communist Party.
The Chairman Communist Party of China and Fidel Castro both created revolutions that were sparked from the working lower class to take over their respective countries. In China, the Qing dynasty had created a large class disparity in terms of wealth, leading to high poverty and starvation rates of the Chinese people. In an attempt to take advantage of the large number of possible…

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