The Rise Of Modern Cuba

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Over the last several weeks, the death of the controversial figure of Fidel Castro have quite a few concerned and curious. Many, whether they are Cuban or not, are left questioning the current state of Cuba, and especially its future. As a country that played a large role in bringing two superpowers to the brink of World War III, Cuba has evolved from being a vacation hotspot for United States citizens, to a prominent symbol of a leftist, socialist government within the Western Hemisphere. (Silverman, p. 314) The evolution and radical change that has left us with the modern Cuba we now begs us to look further and beyond the path that has led it to this ongoing state. One must understand that Cuba was not always the bleeding red state it was during the Cold War; being largely a recipient of the United States foreign policy, it becomes quite evident that the shift in the US foreign policy following WWII paved the way for this modern …show more content…
The amendments in foreign policy caused the United States to solidify their hegemony over Cuba, mainly because of our fear of Communism, and our fear of uprising in the Western hemisphere that would threaten United States economic

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