Fidel Castro And The Cuban Revolution Essay

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The Cuba revolution happened in 1953 July 26th, to 1959 January 1st, the Cuba revolution occurred from deep unhappiness with the regime of Fulgencio Batista (Batista) elected president of Cuba in 1940 to 1944 then turned dictator from 1952 to 1959. Batista allowed Cuba to be controlled and exploited by the USA. By March 1952 the protagonist for launching an armed revolution was Fidel Castro (Castro) a young lawyer and activists petitioned who aimed to overthrow Batista. Castro accused Batista of corruption and tyranny, however the Cuban courts due to the power of Batista. The Cuban courts rejected Castro’s constitutional arguments as Batista security to silence any political opposition was to great to overpower.

In late 1940’s and 1950’s Cuba encouraged foreign investment. United states of American companies invested heavily in the country. The arrival of so many wealthy Americans led to a rapid increase in the value of properties in addition the increase in the number of luxuries in bars, restaurants and fashion outlet. The lavish of theses areas, was not matched by improving conditions elsewhere in Cuba though. The foreign investors made their money it was rarely invested into the Cuban system. Resulting in literacy levels were low and the standard of health care were of poor standards. This was due to the untied states of America roots in the mid 19th century The United States of America helped to put down a revolt in Cuba. The United States of America were rewarded…

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