Frida Khalo Analysis

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Frida Khalo, is an artist from Coyocoán, Mexico City, Mexico. She was born on July 6, 1907. She started painting after she was injured in a bus accident. She painted 143 paintings and 55 are self-portraits, which were from events in her life, from being tense, vibrant, lost and in love. Khalo married the artist Diego Rivera who is a communist. Then she exhibited her paintings in Mexico and Paris, before she died in 1954.
From one of Khalos famous art pieces painted in 1939 was called, The Two Fridas (Las dos Fridas), which had a naïve style, and it was an oil painting. The art piece is known for symbolism and surrealism, the piece displays the two Frida’s holding hands and sharing a bench. I see Frida to the right looks normal and her heart is a whole, wearing a clean dress, and is holding something in her hand, which turns out to be a portrait of Rivera her husband. Opposed to the Frida on the left, has a pair of scissors in her hand, her blouse is ripped up showing her broken and bleeding heart. With blood drops all over her white dress when she got divorced by Rivera. This painting makes me realize, that Khalo was deeply heart broken, after her breakup, and that is the type of message behind this piece, showing how she
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Khalo shows in this painting, her self and she’s wearing a traditional Tehuana that Diego liked. Diego’s picture is above her uni-brow, she has a serious face, and there are a lot of roots of the leaves coming out of her hair that indicate a spiders web, that she is trying to trap Diego in her web. Khalo is showing us that Diego is in her mind, and he is special to her. Feelings of love are portrayed, as she looks like wearing a wedding dress with Diego’s picture on her head. I like the variation of the earthy, natural colors of the background. Also the contrast of her face, that looks bright with her dark hair. The vines look outstanding in the piece, and this piece is

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