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Plagiarism and Collusion
Plagiarism is a practice that involves the using of another person’s intellectual output and presenting it as one’s own’. This includes the presentation of work that has been copied, in whole or part, from other sources (including other students’ work, published books or periodicals, or unpublished works or unauthorized
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This should be done in class, but can be done via email or via the mail with prior agreement from the lecturer. Students should ensure they are aware of how and when to submit their assignment by checking with their lecturer before the due date.
How to Collect Your Marked Assignment
Your work should be collected from the lecturer in class or from the Centre for International Education office. If work is not returned in class or prior to the end of semester please contact your lecturer or the Centre for International Education office.
“Dreams” and “ Harlem” have the same theme about the importance of dream in our lives. “Dreams” tells us do not ever give up the dreams and try to keep dream strong. “Harlem” tells us the necessary of the dreams with our lives.
The poetry "Dreams" have meaning is dreams is a really important thing we need to keep because without it life would become lonely and have no purpose. The structured of the poem are two short stanzas and simple rhymes. The structure of each stanza begins with the same sentence that emphasized the necessity of dreams. In stanza one, the author has used the metaphor life with a bird -winged broken when the dream died. Birds are symbols of dreams, freedom and aspiration, but the wing was broken, it can not fly and it becomes useless. Life is like

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