Fice Serves As An Advisory Staff Essay

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USAFA/CWPH Function:
The CWPH office serves as an advisory staff to the Commandant of Cadets on all USAFA CW Human Relations Climate (HRC) and Human Relations Training and Education (HRT&E) related programs. The program’s primary objective is to foster an equal opportunity environment that develops leaders of character, who respect the dignity of all human beings, and who use human relations skills as an integral part of effective leadership. The program also works to integrate AF EO and HR-related instruction into USAFA/CW officer development and Commissioning Education (CE) programs.
The office’s HRT&E roles include: Assists the Commandant to develop and maintain HRC and Equal Opportunity and Treatment (EOT) related policies, directives, and programs impacting USAFA/CW personnel. Keeps the Commandant apprised of HRC and HRT&E program issues and concerns within the USAFA/CW. Provides program updates through the Vice Commandant of Cadets, Culture and Climate (USAFA/CWP) weekly and monthly reports. The HRT&E serves as a consultant and advisor to Air Officer Commanding/Academy Military Trainers (AOC/AMTs) and their Associates AOC/AMTs on all USAFA/HR climate and education issues and concerns. Coordinates course schedules and forwards USAFA/CW HRT&E course lesson plans and supporting materials to the Curriculum Division (USAFA/CWTP) annually. Works synergistically with the Center for Character and Leadership Development (CCLD) to review, develop…

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