Fice Serves As A Positive Outlet For Counseling Essay examples

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Something that stuck with me throughout this process is that no matter why someone comes in for counseling, it is that you cannot judge them. The office serves as a positive outlet for clients and they need to know that they can trust the counselor and they will not be judged. If there is judgement from the counselor (or any other professional in mental health), the client will take note of that and will not want to proceed with any form of treatment or intervention, and they could even become more isolated and fearful, which in turn means that they may not seek help again if they should need it. I have noticed an idea from abnormal psychology which is the idea that environment can play a role in mental illness. I see this idea in place at the office in the form of the initial intake paperwork. There are detailed questions asking about a client’s history- things like how their relationship was with their mother and father as a child, what their home life was like, and any history of drug or alcohol use. I have come to realize how a person’s mother treated them when they were younger could have a significant impact on them when they are 30 years old, while for others, it does not cause an issue. When a client calls to schedule an appointment, I get their basic information as well as a somewhat detailed idea of why they are calling to schedule an appointment. After this, my supervisor reviews the case to determine the best plan for the client (if she can help them, or…

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