Essay on Fice Of Family And Child Service

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Amy Freeman graduated from University of Georgia with a bachelor’s in social works. She currently works for the Division of Family and Child Services (DFCS) in Walton County. Walton County has 123 children in foster care during April, 2015 to March, 1015. The Division of Family and Children Services is the part of Georgia Department of Human Services (DHS). Division of Family and Child Services investigates child abuse; finds foster homes for abused and neglected children; helps low income, out-of-work parents get assistance; assists with childcare costs for low income parents who are working or in job training; and provides many support services and programs to help families experiencing challenges. Division of Family and Child Service is broken into two different departments Child Welfare and the Office of Family Independence (OFI). Child Welfare includes Protective Services (CPS), Adoptions and Foster Care. The Office of Family Independence is in charge of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program (TANF), Food Stamps, Medicaid and other family support activities. TANF program was developed to provide assistance to needy families so that children can be cared for in their own homes and reduce the dependency of needy parents by endorsing job preparation. The interviewee Amy works for the Child Welfare branch of Division of Family and Child Services. The Georgia Food Stamp program provides monthly benefits to low-income households to help pay for the cost of food.…

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