Essay on Fiber Optic Communications : Structure Of Optical Fibers

1277 Words Dec 17th, 2015 null Page
Fiber optic communication systems are light wave systems that employ optical fibers for transmitting information from one point to other through an optical fiber. The driving force behind the widespread use of fiber optic communications is the demand for economic, reliable transmission media that can transmit required information capacity. The transmission capacity of optical fibers has drastically improved over the years. Today, optical communications up to 100 gb/s for several kilometers have been introduced and research is still going on to enhance its capacity to terabits per second. This paper gives an overview of fiber optic communications – structure of optical fibers, different types of optical fibers, principle, fiber optic communications, evolution, advantages and applications.

In this information era represents the dawn of technical age in which information has become a centrally important component of the society. Communication is defined as the transmission of information from one place to another and there are two basic modes of communication; Broad casting and point-to-point communication. Broad casting involves use of a powerful transmitter and numerous receivers and information flows in one direction. In Point-to-point communications, communication takes place over a link between transmitter and receiver and in this mode of communication, flow of information is usually…

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