Fiasco Essay

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Fiasco does many things, but it also misses many marks—important marks. Done well is the characterization of the decision as ill-informed. It also berates conflict, and for good reasons. We know, however; that it is markedly easy to levy criticisms in light of knowledge attained since. More difficult is showing how, in the context of the time that better decisions might have been made. It isn’t appropriate for critiques to be levied against someone for disregarding the correct advice without considering their mindset. For a president whose fear is that of an imminent threat in the form of a weapon of mass destruction. The stakes will not abide error and one cannot ignore the precedents establishing propaganda on the part of the president …show more content…
Particularly in the case of state propaganda which has proven itself to be purposeful and necessary. This is no more evident than in the waning support on the part of American troops during the course of the war. Without support from the ranks and with eroding support at home the military was fighting alone. This waning support served as an aggravating factor in many ways, as a detriment to the peace of the soldiers and Iraqis. Take the cases of “indiscriminate arrests” and “aggressive” interrogation methods. Further recruiting tools for terror groups and motivation for discontent in the populous. It is also important to document that, as the war progressed, the soldiers themselves were leaving battered and bruised emotionally; losing sight of their …show more content…
As the conflict moved towards a close, the goals outlined by propositions to enter were left unattained or worsened. The supposed weapons of mass destruction were not found, the regime was not replaced with a more amiable one and terror had been fueled. The outcomes listed here are positive ones. Each would likely move the scale in the direction of peace, but no such outcome exists. This is significant because the leaders involved represent America. Every American. When failures like this occur you see a denigration of America in the eyes of the world, the inefficacy of America constitutes further challenges.
Those challenges serve as something of an extension of Fiasco itself. Post-2006, many of the early inquiries by the author have been realized, and what ill realizations those have been. Take the question of “What might fill the void?” The “void” as it is termed, as a product of toppling regimes, disordering countries and killing an innumerable amount of people is

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