Essay on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder ( Fasd )

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Alcohol is a substance that should be consumed in moderation, and should be used responsibly. Similar to any substance, there are consequences that come with the irresponsible and abusive use of it. Not only theThe drinker is not the only one affected by the abuse of alcohol abuse. People around them including family, friends, potential offspring and even Canada’s Health Care Systemhealth care system are affected too. It has been known that exposure to alcohol in the womb leads to many health problems (Jones 2011). Specific to the health care system, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum disorder (FASD) is known as a public health care issue.
People today do not take responsibility surrounding activities such as the consumption of alcohol which can lead to the abuse of it with a chance of it lasting through pregnancy. Prevention plans and programs are not easily available which leads to the disregard of possible consequences of drinking while pregnant. the failed teaching and understanding of consequences and risks of consuming alcohol while pregnant leads to overlooking when it comes to knowing what actually happens when a women drinks while pregnant. FASD is 100% preventable but due to the lack of individual accountability, unsuccessful prevention programs and precautions, and miseducation surrounding the effects of the consumption of alcohol while pregnant lead to FASD continuing to be a public health care issue.
FASD is a variety of disorders grouped together…

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