Fertilized Ovulation Test Paper

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7. What hormone does an “ovulation” test probably detect? Why? An “ovulation” test probably detects the ovulating hormone, which is LH. This is because LH triggers ovulation, in which the egg is released from the ovary. LH is also important in the development of the corpus luteum.

8. What are the functions of the uterine tubes? The uterine tubes, or fallopian tubes, receive the ovulated oocyte, allow for the transport of sperm towards the egg, and then they provide a place for fertilization. They later allow passage of the fertilized egg to be implanted into the uterine wall.

9. Why is an abundant blood supply important to the uterus? An abundant blood supply is important to the uterus because it is important for the implantation and growth of the fertilized egg. If the fertilized ovum implants, it needs a rich blood supply to transport nutrients and oxygen to the developing ovum.

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As gonadotropins begin to rise, the stratum functionalis is shed. This results in menstrual flow. Next, the proliferative phase takes place, in which high estrogen levels cause a new functional layer to generate. It also increases the synthesis of progesterone receptors in the endometrium, as well as increasing the size of glands and number of arteries. Finally, during the secretory phase, heightened progesterone levels lead to further development of the endometrium, secretion of glycogen by glands, and the formation of the cervical mucus plug. Moreover, the uterine and ovarian cycle are related because they occur at the same time, and they both describe the menstrual cycle. In fact, the proliferative phase is also known as the preovulatory phase in the ovarian cycle, and the secretory phase is known as the postovulatory phase. This is because the proliferative phase occurs before ovulation, or before the ovum leaves the follicle because it is undergoing

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