Ferrero Essay

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Case Study

1. Name of Company
- Ferrero

2. Ownership / Location, Type of business
- Corporation / Alba, Piedmont, Italy

3. Vision / Mission
- The company’s vision is to be one of the most renowned confectionary makers in the world, to continue to entice people with their product’s uniqueness, and to build an undefined satisfaction for the consumers.

- Their mission is to continuously create an endless set of ideas to retain the company’s uniqueness, ensure that their people meet the company’s requirements by treating them properly and promote their well being.

4. Short History

- The beginning of Ferrero’s success started of during the post World War II when the shortage of cocoa was heavily foreseen due to the
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The company’s primary objective and purpose is to create a distinctive and unique line of confectionary products. A line of product which most have never thought will satisfy many people and can be similarly competitive to ordinary chocolate makers.

8. What factors have shaped Ferrero’s culture? How does it show through in the way that the firm competes?

- The company’s culture inside and outside the office has been exemplary in terms of the way they treat the local people and the employees. This evidently shows how courteous and well oriented the Ferreros have been with their people, and this has been rewarding to them which we rarely see in such industry.

9. What distinctive routines have the firm developed?

- The only distinctive routine that the company can treasure is that they make sure that every product they make is formulated with such uniqueness. Prior to those, they have the employee’s trust on them to ensure that every piece will thoroughly meet their requirements.

10. What distinctive resources have the firm developed?

- We all know that the company only had limited resources when they first started. But with good and positive attitude towards the customers and employees, these resources can be considered as one of their biggest investments.

11. What disadvantages is Ferrero likely to risk if it continues with its present style of

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