Ferrero Rocher Case Study

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Market Positioning
Market Positioning is done by arranging a product with a certain positioning strategy to influence the mindset of target customer for a brand to occupy a unique, clear and advantageous position (Crowter, n.d.). A company gains competitive advantage when it provides superior value to selected target markets by positioning themselves through product, serviced, personnel and image differentiation. Product Differentiation | * Ferrero Rocher provides superior quality chocolates * It is unique wrapping and different ranges of packaging cater for different occasions (regular treat, birthday gift, romantic gift). * The size and packaging is convenient. | Services Differentiation | * Services are reliable as the quality and taste of Ferrero Rocher is constant regardless of production plant. * It is distributed to all parts of the world and most stores for the convenience of their customers. | Personnel Differentiation | * Ferrero emphasize on long term relationships and treat team as family. * It provides combination of training, both managerial and technical.
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* Comes in different pack formats (Christmas tree shaped box, Easter egg format and so on) * Various sizes to meet consumer needs all year round * Latest diamond format was introduced to enhance the premium value * Small enough for kid’s convenience * Easy storage | Price | * Available in numbers ranging from 3 to 24 and above depending on seasons to cater for different seasons or needs. Prices are 2 digits for normal boxes goes up depending on the size of the format. This is affordable for weekly or more consumption after taking into account the quality and packaging one is paying for. | Place | * Locally speaking, Ferrero Rocher is sold in every supermarket and grocery store in Malaysia. Sometimes it can be found in gas stations and mini kiosks too. Globally, it spreads out to every region.

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