Ferra To Feforge Analysis

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Lucy LaForge, from Lucy & La Mer, teams up with Katie Ferrara and violinist, Kaitlin Wolfberg to cover Fleetwood Mac's most notable track, "DREAMS." The acoustic rendition was filmed at the Epiphany Space in Hollywood, and is an eloquent version that flows effortlessly from each artist.

Emotional and familiar piano chords take center stage while Ferrara begins to gently sing "Dreams." Ferrara possess a strength in her vocals that peaks out even at the slowest moments, but pairs cleverly with the rough strings that Wolfberg orchestrates. From the original version, the notion of lucid dreaming was always felt within the melody, yet the sweet and rough approach, notably felt through the violin, is a characteristic that levels the sensitivity.

The change between lead vocals from Ferrara to LaForge by the second verse is a powerful tactic when driving a full range of emotions to the table. LaForge's vocals revisit the dreamy aspect of the track and remind a listener of relatability. The track wouldn't be complete without the natural harmonization which brings the overall cover to life.
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You may either love one version more than the other, but a well-done rendition will not only make you love the intent behind the original track but the interpretation of the new. LaForge, Ferrara, and Wolfberg's additions extracted a quality that everyone always felt as they heard Stevie Nicks sing "Dreams," yet couldn't quite name the bare foundation. Thanks to these ladies, their music ripped open a blurred line of true love and reality, something which is hard to hold a candle to the magic of Fleetwood Mac, yet is done effortlessly by the likes of LaForge, Ferrara, and

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