Fensive Of The Tet Offensive Essay examples

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“We won the Tet Offensive. We decimated the Viet Cong. And our wonderful press made us losers. It was right at that point in time, I think, that the press fully turned on the war in Vietnam and started not necessarily generating news, but generating opinions. Because we decimated the Viet Cong during Tet. We decimated the North Vietnamese Army during Tet. Had we pressed the advantage the turnout would have been different. But when you are fighting a war based on politics, stuff happens.(Pritzker Military 2016)” SGT Allen Lynch was showing a discontent with the way the Vietnam War was perceived by the people back home. The United States and the South Vietnamese were victorious during the Tet Offensive but dissatisfaction in Washington following the 1968 offensive led to the United States eventually having to withdrawal and leaving the South susceptible and eventually being overrun. This happened due to the unwillingness to make tough decisions in top advisers and the untrue portrayal of the War from the media.
The Tet Offensive led to some of the hardest decision making that the Johnson administration had to make in the whole war. Their lack of initiative in decision making following the Tet led to the United States and South Vietnam not being able to take advantage of the gain they made fighting off the offensive. Initial reports from the attack sent shock waves across the country, they were quickly thwarted back but left President Johnson in a predicament of how to react.…

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