Fences Play Analysis

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August Wilson’s play Fences depicts the life of an average African American family during the late 1950’s. Discrimination towards African American people still played a role in society during that time. In an interview with the New York Times, Hansberry stated the purpose of the play was to “show the many gradations of even one Negro family, the clash of the old and the new, but most of all the unbelievable courage of the Negro people”. August Wilson’s plays provide the same intent as Hansberry hoped for. Wilson’s play provides details about three generations of struggle that haunted an African American family. There was a cycle of hatred towards the fathers of the families due to the conditions they faced. Conflict occurred when young and …show more content…
He to went through multiple women, and created the same scenario in which he left from for his son. At the beginning of the play troy questions his boss why black people do the pick-ups and white men do the driving. He was in the same oppressed job as his father; even though it was not sharecropping it limited him. Troy was this good baseball player in his younger days; he did not go pro because of the color of his skin. There was conflict between father and son because football scouts were watching Cory and Troy did not want his son to feel the void he did when baseball did not pan out. He did not want his son depending on a sport, he wanted his to focus on the here and now and help out around the house. Troy felt “ the white man ain’t gonna let him get nowhere with that football”, troy still has the outside force racism weighing in on his decisions. Rose and Cory knew that there are many colored people playing football and baseball. Cory was growing up in a different time than and he understood, that there were more opportunities available for African American in the world of sports. Cory did not want to work a job that he felt would show discrimination towards him. Troy went to Cory’s football coach and told him he would not be playing anyone, plus the ill treatment directed towards him mom cause the same violent fight. Troy had pushed his son away from their home, just like Tory’s father had. The cycle continued in the way troy treated women also, just as his father did Troy treated the women in his life poorly. Troy cheated on his second wife; Cory’s mother and conceived a child. The mistress died in childbirth and Rose took the baby in as her own. The new child did not have to endure the same behavior as Cory did, suggesting that Troy learned from his mistakes not wanting to continue the cycle

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