Fences Character Analysis

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A loving family is one of the most important things in life because it provides support, love and a framework of values to each of its members. Some people had their tragic events in their lives, and that affects the way of their living and beliefs in life. Some people are getting better by fixing some issues of their parents from bad to good ways just like Cory Maxson in the story “Fences”. Despite of his father being hard for him, Cory Maxson as a son wants to change what Troy did not able to do in his past. In August Wilson’s Fences, Troy Maxson had some disappointments in life, and brought what he learned from the past to his present family. Rose Maxson is an example of a good mother because of her being selfless and open-minded. These …show more content…
Troy and Rose Maxson are completely different kind of person in terms of characteristics, perspectives and beliefs in life, but despite of their differences, they were still trying to build their family together with the help of Troy’s friend, Bono and his son, Cory.
Troy Maxson is the leading character of the story, but he is somewhat antagonist because of his some bad characteristics, which affects the life of his family. Troy is not a bad man. He has some good characteristics too. Troy is a hardworking man. He is working so hard to provide for his family as a garbage collector along with his friend named as Bono. Troy is a funny man too. People love him, when he started to talk because he is a storyteller, and loves to talk about death and the devil. He has illusions that he talked to Mr. Death, “Death standing there staring at me . . . carrying that sickle in his hand. Finally he says, “You want bound over for another year?” See, just like that . . . “You want bound over for another year?” I told him, “Bound over hell! Let’s settle this now!”. (1.1.90). Even Rose was trying to stop him because it was a lie story, and he was just making up stories, but still Troy wants to push
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He is not a bad man because he tried to protect his son in his own way; however, his way ruined his relationship to his family and friend. Troy loses his wife, son, and friend because of his flaws. Bono once idolizes him, and Cory once wants to be like his father, but after Troy’s mistakes in life, they stop idolizing him. Surprisingly, these people showed up in his funeral. Despite of Troy’s mistakes in life, he’s been a good father because he does not want Cory to be like him. He was teaching his son how to be a good man in the best that he could do. He let Rose to take care of Raynell because he knows that she needs a good mother. Even he died, he still made his family reunite again. Like Troy, nobody is perfect. We have all mistakes in life. There is no perfect story in our lives. If everybody were perfect and the same, life would be

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