Fences, By August Wilson Essay

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Fences by August Wilson is a play that follows the lives of one African American family in the sixties and it illustrates how challenging everyday tasks can be. When analyzed from a reader response perspective, it shows how irresponsible choices and not so perfect past can affect the present relationship’s that are presented in the play. Wilson reveals true motives of certain characters like Troy Maxson, who hinders his son’s football dream simply because he was not able to fulfill his own dreams to become a baseball player due to the color of his skin. The reader also see selfish characteristics like Troy’s infidelity with another woman. This unfortunately leads to an illegitimate child. Moreover, Troy commends his brother, Gabe, to go to a mental facility, while he lives off the government checks that Gabe was receiving. Cory and Rose, Troy’s wife and son, are both affected by his choices and for them the fences represent both security and a boundary that cannot be crossed. Viewed from a reader response point of view, Fences illustrates Troy lack of emotional connection and struggles with his family and those around him through three key symbols in the play which are: baseball, fences and lastly the devil.
Fences is full of baseball imagery that takes on a lot of symbolic imagery throughout the play. This constant connection between baseball and Troy’s life illustrates how impactful this sport has been to him. It is the driving force behind the resentment towards his son…

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