Feminither In Shakespeare's The Taming Of The Shrew

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The Taming of the Shrew
In The Taming of the Shrew, Katharina is presents as the main character. She was the eldest daughter of Baptista Minola. Throughout the play, she was presented as complex, despite being an intriguing character. In relation to this, the present paper is set to present a comprehensive analysis of Katharine’s behavior as presented throughout the play. The analysis will involve an examination of whether her rebellious behavior was because of her sister, or because of her shrewdness. The paper will also analyze the reason her behavior changed suddenly, towards the end of the play.
Katharine’s behavior throughout the play
Throughout the play, Katharine was presented as a shrewd. As illustrated in the play, there is a several
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They believed that moist probably, her ill behavior was because of the unhappiness. However, from a deep analysis of her responses in the play, it is certainly plausible to form a conclusion on such ground. Inferring from Shakespeare and Thompson, Katherine was a shrew (268).
One of the reasons for her acting like a shrew, as illustrated by Shakespeare and Thompson was because she was desperate and miserable (69). Her lack of happiness and a desperate situation was because of various reasons. One is that she was jealousy of the manner I which her father treated her sister. Another reason stemmed out of the fact that she had feeling of her undesirability, and the fear that she was not suitable to ever win a husband. She had a great loath, on the manner in which men treated her. In general, Shakespeare and Thompson concluded that Katherine felt to be out of place, in her society (198).
Because of the level of independence and intelligence she had in the society, Katharine was not comfortable in playing the role of a maiden daughter. She tried to emulate the expectations of the society, which she could be able to obey her father, and at the same time demonstrate courtesy and grace to her
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Therefore, there were several conflicting impulses in her, which eventually resulted to her current ill temper and misery. However, her fate of finding a suitable husband to marry her continuously faded out. As stated by Gremio openly demonstrated his dislike for Katharine. He described her as a “fiend of hell”. He concluded that though her father was a very rich person, no one was such a fool to be married to a hell. In addition to this, Hortensio was another man, who openly declared that marrying Kate was one of the worst decisions he could make. He indicated that Katherine was not likely to get a husband unless she changed to be gentle.
From the analysis of the early play, Kate is demonstrated as a well motivated by her actions. However, the way in which she controlled and demonstrated her feeling is probable what demonstrates her as a shrew. Her actions were unladylike, revealing his inability to demonstrate her feelings in an adult

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