Essay about Feminist Thought By Rosemarie Tong

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In Feminist Thought, author Rosemarie Tong writes about women’s different reactions to pornography. Radical-libertarian feminists celebrate pornography and want women to use it to their advantage. Radical-cultural feminists see mainstream pornography as harmful to women and think that it degrades their sexuality. In this essay, I will argue for the radical-cultural feminist viewpoint that pornography has negative consequences for women, and I will also take their argument further, contending that it can have negative consequences for heterosexual romantic relationships. According to Tong, radical-libertarian feminists urge women to use pornography to overcome their fears about sex, to arouse sexual desires, and to generate sexual fantasies (68). Radical-libertarian feminists think that women should feel free to watch violent pornography, and the most libertarian members invite women to engage in rape fantasies in which men do whatever they want with women in bed (68). They believe that examination of pornography should not be defensive, and that time should only be spent chastising rapists in real life, not on pornography (68). I, similarly to radical-cultural feminists, find this view to be dangerous to the wellbeing of women, and find that it perpetuates patriarchy within sexuality. Media is a powerful institution from which people learn how to behave. Even when pornography is not violent, most mainstream pornography is created for the male gaze, and does not represent…

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