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Option B- Critical Analysis of: Martin, D.M, Schouten, J.W, & McAlexander, J.H. 2006. Claiming The Throttle: Multiple femininities in a hyper-masculine subculture, Consumption, Markets & Culture, 9:3, 171-205.

Title: Grasping the nature of Feminist Ethnography. Submission date: December 4,2010 Warwick ID: 1058761 Word count: 1960 Words “All the work contained in this work is my own, original unaided effort. I have read and understand, and the work conforms to, the University’s guidelines on plagiarism” 1

Feminist research holds a lot of value in today’s society where equality between female and
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This Paper is a critical analysis of the article “Claiming the Throttle: Multiple Femininities in a Hyper‐masculine Subculture “ by Diane M Martin, John W Schouten and James H.Alexander printed in “Consumption, Markets and Culture “, Volume 9, No 3,September 2006. The article is a re‐inquiry into the previous ethnographic study of Harley Davidson motorcycle owners conducted by Schouten and Alexander. It argues from a feminist perspective to elucidate the voice of women riders in a hyper masculine consumption context. It makes explicit the various assumptions, which limited the original ethnographic work, thus restating the problem of hegemonic masculinity (Martin et al). The article has taken a multi‐perspective approach as compared to the narrow perspective taken by the original article –it incorporates features of liberal feminism, women’s voice/experience feminism as well as poststructuralist feminism (Martin et al, 2006). The authors disclose and introduce women’s perspective on the motorcycle consumption in a male dominated society. 4

Feminist research

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