Feminist Photography : Social, Political, Cultural, And Cultural Right As For Women

793 Words Mar 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
Feminist Photography Feminism encompasses political, ideological, and social movements aimed at defining, establishing, and achieving equal economic, political, social, personal, and cultural right as for women. Photography is an art, science, and practice of developing durable image recording using electronic radiation of light recording. Feminist photography entails the use of photography in highlighting the social, political, economic, cultural, and personal differences between men and women and aiming at bridging this gap through raising awareness and calling for equality. This study offers a review of feminist photography and the role it plays in augmenting gender equality and improving the awareness of gender inequality in the society both in the past and currently. The leading feminist photographers and their role in driving the feminist photography agenda are discussed in this study. Photography has acted as an important medium in relaying the view of feminists for several reasons. Photography is highly informative and offers a lot of information and perspectives from a given portrait or picture resulting in an easy medium to transmit a whole lot of social ills perpetrated against women. Photography is also highly accessible and with the advent of the internet, the increased accessibility of the photographs to global locations augmented the role of photographs in driving the feminist agenda. The traditional media mainly television and print media also offered…

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