Feminist Philosophy Of Science And Its Related Epistemology Essay

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Feminist philosophy of science and its related epistemology, concerns scientific inquiry and the extent to which theories and knowledge are influenced and shaped by bias within the scientific community, and the means to rectify this. There are three main distinctions of feminist philosophy of science; empiricism, standpoint theory, and postmodernism. I am to be comparing and contrasting two of the three; namely feminist standpoint theory and postmodernism. Both of these distinctions are intriguing, if somewhat extreme and conflicting views, in their own right. I shall argue that ______.
The feminist philosophy of science is rooted in studying an analysing discourse and knowledge that is harmful and not conducive to attaining an impartial interpretation of science, with a view to critically examining science and the scientific method. It identifies how bias can (and does) affect the scientific community and the outcomes of this bias within science. Feminist epistemology concerns itself with
Feminist standpoint theorists maintain that an oppressed group, by virtue of their oppression gain a more profound and complete picture of the world. This also extends to the entirety of science and scientific thought and discovery. The main issue with standpoint theory is that if increasingly epistemically privileged viewpoints are to be accounted for, this means that true neutrality is impossible, as standpoints become ever-fragmented with each division. Within a female standpoint is a…

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