Feminist Perspective Of Feminism

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“The modern feminist movement addresses issues such as women’s rights in the workplace, reproductive rights (including abortion and birth control), sexual harassment and discrimination and gender stereotypes.” (Issit and Flynn “Feminism: An Overview”). The Feminist Movement in America was led by figures such as Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton, who fought for women’s suffrage. Following women’s suffrage came women leaders of the Second Feminist movement, like Betty Friedan, whose book, The Feminine Mystique, expressed that herself and many other women didn’t feel satisfied with being a housewife. Today, the Modern Feminist Movement is working to allow any and every type of woman to live how they want while accepting their feminine ways …show more content…
Whether a woman has a job caring for others, the stereotypical job for a woman, or a professional career, she is bound to scrutinized by the public eye. Women who do not understand the goals of the feminist movement may call a stay at home mother someone who doesn’t have respect for herself or gave in to her husband. In reality, a true feminist wants a woman to live the way that she feels the most comfortable in. Whether she wants to stay at home with children, own a company, or do both, the judgment of woman and how they choose to live their daily lives needs to stop being judged by everyone around them. “The fact that it remains a subject of interest for women to aspire to these positions is evidence that gender differences remain” (Lee and Bourassa “Point: Feminism is still Relevant”). Women are still paid less than their male co-workers for the same job. Women leaders have been called annoying and bitchy, but men who have the same qualities are called strong and powerful businessmen. Feminists are trying to stand up to the patriarchy and bring women’s private struggles under the public

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