Feminist Ideals Through Literature By Amalie Skram Essay examples

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The first to write about female sexuality and to express her feminist ideals through literature, author Amalie Skram explores the difficulty of social mobility for women in the 19thcentury, the female perspective on marriage, as well as both the existence and resistance of female sexuality in Lucie (1888). Although concluded with an unhappy ending, the novel can be read with a feminist lens of awareness as it delves into the tragedy that were most women’s lives and how little agency they had within society and in their own homes. Skram defied the societal norms both in writing and in her narratives as not only did they challenge the societal perception of women, but also delved into taboo topics such as sex and rape. Ultimately, Skram sheds light to the violence within marriages that kept women submissive and under the belief that their duties to their husbands were more important than their duties to themselves. Although a feminist, Skram does not spare her protagonist Lucie from suffering or writes her within feminist ideals such as having respected strong personal beliefs, being on equal standing as a man, or even respected by the men around her. Instead, Lucie is a lower class woman in control of her sexuality who time and again is on the receiving end of her husband’s desire to change her. Skram writes Lucie not as a weak woman but rather one that is not easily mouldable, in the sense that Theodor’s pressure is not enough to mould Lucie into a perfect or sexually…

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