Feminist Epistemology : The Form That Will Break The Matrix Of Domination

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Feminist Epistemology: The Form that will Break the Matrix of Domination
Knowledge is the source for meaningful change and is paramount in liberating oppressed groups. I will use Patricia Collins’ theory that knowledge produces change that will not fall into the matrix of domination and illustrations from her writing to support this idea (251). The current validation process of knowledge is oppressive: Eurocentric epistemology. Collins highlights it’s oppressive effects on Black women in particular, and explains the Black woman’s response. Sociology needs to shift to a more qualitative approach to validating knowledge in order to represent all standpoints. The only way to break down the matrix of domination is to dismember the current Eurocentric epistemology and adopt an epistemology that incorporates the standpoint of all groups.
The Eurocentric epistemology perpetuates an oppressive knowledge validation process. It was created for and by white males, “Because elite White men control Western structures of knowledge validation, their interest pervade the themes, paradigms, and epistemologies of traditional scholarship” (Collins 251). As a result, the work of the oppressed does not fit Eurocentric criteria for knowledge, therefore, it is discarded. Furthermore, Eurocentric scholars produce work exclusively understood by other Eurocentric scholars. The Eurocentric epistemology trickles down to elementary academia; consequently, it is widely accepted among communities.…

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