Essay on Feminist Discourse, Bodies Of Color

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For thousands of years, female, queer, trans, and intersexed bodies, especially those of color, have found themselves to be the point of contention, and as time progressed gained advocates, some more than others. These groups often find themselves marginalized when placed in the binary system of gender, which tends to ignore everything but what is considered to be a “normal male” and a “normal female”. Like race, it can be argued that the idea gender is merely a social construct intended to establish and maintain differences between groups, however, as seen historically, “science” would be used to justify these constructs. In feminist discourse, bodies of color especially, are often not properly acknowledged, being one of the most marginalized groups, thus the persistence of the representation of them as being deviant or invisible reflects a power struggle and the desire to assert and maintain control over them. Today in popular culture, a key figure that reflects the continuation of such representation while also presenting us with subversive re-framings, is female rap sensation Nicki Minaj. In medicine and pop culture, there have been various ways in which female bodies of color particularly have been produced as deviant, invisible or inhuman. The history of this, stems back to the slave period. Sartjie (Sarah) Baartman, was a woman of African descent who had large buttocks and genitalia. She was given the term Hottentot Venus, which in and of itself was a…

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