Feminist Art Movement Essay

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Feminism Art Movement Feminism is a movement or doctrine that advocates or demands for women the same rights granted men, such as equal economic or political status. The Feminist Art Movement started with the idea that women’s experiences must be expressed through art, where they had previously been ignored or minimized. Early proponents of Feminist Art in the United States envisioned a revolution. They called for a new framework in which the universal would include women’s experiences, in addition to men’s. Feminist art movement, dates from the late 1960s. It has been most notable in the U.S, Germany, and Britain, although there are numerous precursors to the movement, and it has spread to many other cultures since the 1970s. Feminist …show more content…
By devoting constant and serious attention to the complexities and nuances of feminist art, these critics make important contributions, particularly by situating the feminist art movement in relation to the transformative goals of feminism. However, the contributions of the feminist art movement to the art world more generally may be occluded in focusing on feminist art in relation to feminism. In addition, artists have been especially interested in the difference between art made by women and art made by men. Men have maintained a …show more content…
Dinner Party, which consists of a "triangle-shaped table, set with 39 places, 13 on a side, each celebrating a woman who has made an important contribution to world history." She was a feminist artist who wanted to educate viewers about women 's roles in history and the fine arts. The Dinner Party was a reinterpretation of the Last Supper. Because she uncovered so many important women, she did an installation of 39 women on a triangular table as an installation. Many of the plates had motifs of butterflies and vulvas.
This piece has been critiqued, however, for its inclusion of only one African-American woman (Sojourner Truth) and for treating this setting differently. Still, it seems odd that the most famous work of such an important artist, still does not have a permanent museum home, and is still being omitted from official art

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