Essay Feminism Within A Household : Feminism

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Feminism within a Household:
Feminism describes the scope of ideologies and movements that strive to achieve and define equality between men and women, in political, social, personal, economic and cultural aspects of everyone’s lives. These movements also seek to establish equal opportunities for men in all of these environments, including the right to education and equal employment. A feminist is a person who supports and advocates for the rights and equality of women, believing that both men and women are equal. However, this does not necessarily mean that a feminist believes that men and women are the same, but equal and, therefore, they are entitled to equal rights and treatment. These movements strive for women’s rights, which include the right to vote, to hold public office, to have fair wages (even in the United States, women are usually paid seventy-five cents to the dollar the man makes), to work, to basic education, to have maternity leave, to enter contracts, to have equal rights within marriage… Feminists also attempt to protect women from rape, domestic violence and sexual harassment, trying to promote bodily integrity and autonomy. It is also important to consider that feminists also deliberate over male rape and many other issues that deal with men. Feminism tries to accomplish equality between men and women, not a supremacy of the woman over the men. On the contrary, there are many issues that feminism strives for, such as the necessity of a man to be…

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