Feminism : The Women 's Rights Movement Essay

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Why Feminism in America is Obsolete When the Women’s Rights Movement began in the mid 1840’s, the primary goals of these white women were to gain the right to vote, to be able to own property, and to have the basic human rights as men. Women such as Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and many others paved the way for these goals to be accomplished. And they were. These were the real feminist who shaped history and allowed women in the days to come to have rights they worked so hard to obtain. These women faced real inequality, where possessing a job or having a say in politics was a right they were not gifted with yet. They struggled for decades to obtain the equal opportunities as the white male had already; as if it was a birthright for them. They knew that they deserved the same. They fought to prove it. Feminism had its place in American history, but not in the 21st century The word ‘feminism’ itself implies segregation between men and women. It implies that we aren’t equal, that we don’t have the same rights or equal opportunity in this country. How can we say that feminism is still needed in this country, when women are CEO’s of companies, going into space, fighting for this country in foreign lands, discovering ground-breaking research, and possessing the right to decide wither a life growing inside them lives or dies? We are completely and inherently equal, the government and justice system abide by this truth. Even the stereotypes of women have been…

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