Feminism : The First Wave Of Feminism Essay

1629 Words Apr 10th, 2015 null Page
First wave of feminism deals with the abolition movement and the women’s suffrage movement. The women’s suffrage movement dealt with a woman’s right to vote a woman’ political right in a society. The first wave of feminism deals with women standing up and letting society know that they exist and should be treated the same as men. The second wave of feminism deals with women wanting more than being wives and mothers. This new wave of feminism brought up different kinds of feminists not only white feminists. This new wave of feminism opened a conversation about race, gender, class and sexuality. This essay will describe the two different waves of feminism, affected society. The media and those who were in charge heavily criticized the first wave of feminism much like every other wave of feminism that was yet to come. Women’s rights activists, according to an article in the New York Herald, were ‘old maids whose personal charms were never very attractive’ or mannish women, like hens that crow.’ Men who supported their causes were ‘Aunt Nancy men’ or ‘hen-pecked husbands’ who ‘ought to ware petticoats’” . I think it was extremely disappointing that the rest of America didn’t see where these people were coming from. Some went as far as saying that what these women were doing would eventually destroy the world. These opinions that were printed in such a public forum and had such a large following truly show the struggles that women and the men who supported these women had to…

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