Essay about Feminism Should Not Be Banned For Good

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Today, only a few truly understand the meaning of feminism. Modern feminism has lost its meaning and from the deterioration, many women who believed in equality between genders have stopped identifying themselves as feminist because feminists have been too often related to misandrists. Organizations such as WomenAgainstFeminism is encouraging women to publicly denounce modern feminism. Some even consider that feminism should be banned for good. Those who denounce modern feminism should not blame feminism for what it has become today, but they should remember what feminism has done for women. To eradicate feminism from our society due to few misunderstanding is not only misguiding, but also demeaning; it undermines the works of all feminists who fought for women rights. Only a few artists in the pop culture is defining feminism correctly. One of the many pop artists who wrongly defined feminism is Miley Cyrus. As noted in Huffington Post, she claimed, “I feel like I 'm one of the biggest feminists in the world because I tell women to not be scared of anything” (Tejeda). She is suggesting that by encouraging women to be are unafraid of anything is the model feminist. Early feminists were identified as women suffragists as they advocated for the women’s right to vote. Alice Paul, the leader of National Woman’s Party (NWP), led the picketing campaign which was later denoted as “one of the most significant tactics employed” (Reiter). In the beginning of the picketing campaign,…

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