Feminism Isn 't A Bad Thing? Essay example

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Feminism Isn’t a Bad Thing? Joanna Rowling wrote the infamous Harry Potter books under the name “JK Rowling.” She did this because she felt young boys would not want to read her books if they knew it was written by a woman. Women have lived with this scourge since the dawn of time, with evidence slipping into American literature in the eighteenth century with letters written from Abigail Adams to John Adams, requesting to “remember the ladies” when applying rights to the people of the USA. Feminism is the tenet of women’s rights on social, political, and economic issues. Feminism in Literature has an emphasis on gender roles, and women being “weak” or “dumb” and not qualified for having an opinion. Feminism has evolved in society, with once giving a right to women to speak, to now, with women demanding to be equal when compared to men. But has the evolution been evident in American Literature? Looking at the works of Charlotte Perkins Gilman, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Zora Neale Hurston, can feministic traits be analyzed? The evolution of Feminism is evident in American Literature. Charlotte Perkins Gilman was a feminist writer who wrote “The Yellow Wallpaper.” In this story, the narrator suffers from various mental illnesses while her husband, John, who happened to be a doctor, instructed her to rest in their summer cottage for recovery. John moves her into a bedroom with a repulsive yellow wallpaper, and rubs off any thoughts of uneasiness given from his wife, as their…

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