Feminism Is The Advocacy Of Women 's Rights On The Grounds Of Political, Social, And Equality

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Feminism is the advocacy of women 's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. This is an important belief for me as we are all human, and therefore all equal. Although feminism is the belief and practice of gender equality, it is frequently considered to be ‘all inclusive’. This includes the erasal of gender role stereotypes, bias, and double standards. It also includes equal pay, the right of bodily autonomy, and other equal rights movements. Feminism is often given a negative stigma, that feminists are man hating, masculine, lesbians who are offended by everything, however that is fallacious. Feminism is often confused with misandry, the hatred of males. Feminists do not hate males, they just believe that males should not be treated as better than females. Feminist are against misandry as much as they are against misogyny. Feminism protects males as much as females. It does not promote the idea that females are better than males, instead it promotes the idea that neither gender is better than the other. Feminist also do not fit into a stereotypical mold. Although feminists have the stigma of not following traditional feminine rules towards dress and grooming, it is mostly untrue. Although some feminists may fit into this mold, others may be traditionally feminine. Feminism allows for people to not have to fall into such stereotypes because they way one presents themselves is not necessarily representative of their entire identity.
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