Feminism Is Becoming One Of Humanity Essay

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Feminism is becoming one of humanity’s many pillars in terms of the modern-world. There are protests, commercials, rallies, and groups all supporting the rights of the female gender and what it means to be a woman. These “suffragettes” concentrate their labors and energy on issues such as inequality, the wage-gap, rape and sexual assault, domestic violence, and other matters that pose a threat to a woman’s dignity. Readers should not construe the complete outlook posed from a feminist 's perspective because I do not consider myself a feminist. Nonetheless, I hope that what I say will trickle into the lives of women who feel weak, as though they are disregarded, women who want to speak up, and women who have fallen victim to the misogynistic superciliousness of the almighty male. Although I myself am a woman, women 's rights and radicalism are not a part of my every-day motivation.
Men can talk discourteously and act in a crude way towards a woman, this is true, but women can be just as ill-mannered towards the male population. The world is changing daily. New species are being discovered, medical breakthroughs are underway, and humanity is finally starting to accept those around them for who they really are. As the world becomes more progressive, so do the people in it. Women are beginning to steer away more from the cookie-cut-out life by getting married, having kids, and staying at home, and are shifting gears towards being more independent. The ladies are going to…

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