The Role Of Feminism In America

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In 2014, Stoya found that the application of feminism is discovered in different sets of “values, worldviews, and actions.” (Stoya, 2015, pg. 201) This serves as a representation to understand how feminism is integrated and practiced in our lives. Another key factor to take into account is the actual definition of feminism. In 2012, Haslanger noted that feminism is a commitment of the intellect as well as political involvement to “seek justice for woman.” (Haslanger, 2012) A reason as to why we no longer need feminism in America is because of all the negative correlations society seems to have upon the label of “feminist” therefore, giving it a bad reputation. And finally, in America all people are to be considered equal regardless …show more content…
A breath of fresh air is what the feminist current movement’s need, a rejuvenation to say the least. If we take a second to pause and analyze we have several examples in history that help us understand that sometimes notions, ideals, and people have to change and “get with the times” In 2011, Logan and Finn in the article “Unsettling Feminisms” discuss the different ways in which they observed different people come together and try and redefine the movement of feminist. (Logan, Finn, pg. 346-347, 2011) In 2015, Vesey and his article talks about a different way in which feminism may be approached. It is claimed that music can be used and is popular amongst certain groups in which it can substantially shape the way feminism is perceived. (Vesey, 2015) Feminism implies equality and empowerment for women; this is the focus of these bodies of people. The feminist movement involves likeminded people to come together and rise again the oppression they have felt throughout their time here in America. Feminist seem to tend to victimize the body of women which are part of the movement. We must move away from this preconceived possible notion since it almost makes it seem that if the women that already feel victimized are given priority and therefore would feel more empowered that others. This is not equality, this is them using …show more content…
In the USA “almost one in three households owns four or more televisions.” (Price, 2012) The urgency we need to raise here is the fact that on average people in America heavily relies on technology and the messages that it conveys. Therefore, how are these messages being presented, more than half the time our media here in America tends to be rather sexist, movies and T.V shows usually tend to glorify men as the hero as well as several targeted advertisement with implicit content. Media is a double-edge sword which if used in the right way we would be able to as a society start shaping the correct message for feminism it needs to portray. However, if used in the wrong way then it can have devastating adverse effects to the people that are not prepared mentally to watch certain messaged on

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