Feminism In The Bloody Chamber By Angela Carter

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A feminist approach to Angela Carter 's 'The Bloody Chamber ' (1993, 1st ed.) can expose the exploitive and precarious position of females within patriarchal society. Within the story, Carter has shown how the narrator is submissive to her husband, which highlights the problematic societal relationship between the sexes. The use of the submissive women and the dominant man within the marriage is used as an extended metaphor of the patriarchy and implies that women can overthrow the patriarchy through the death of the Marquis.

According to David Carter, Feminism within literature is used to reveal how men are considered dominant within patriarchal society (Carter 2006 pp.86) Throughout 'The Bloody Chamber ', Carter uses specific language
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The Marquis is the patriarchy as he is able to do as he pleases and live life without consequence. The narrator was a nameless victim of the patriarchy. Peter Barry states in his book 'Beginning theory ' that feminist criticism can be found within the power relationship between a man and a woman, and can allude to a deeper political agenda by the author (Barry, 1995). There are many examples that allude to the Marquis being patriarchal society. An example of this is when he forbids his wife to enter the chamber, as he uses patronising language and emotionally manipulates her:
[The room] ... full of horrid cobwebs that would get into your hair and frighten you ... you 'd find it such a dull little room! ... if you love me, [you will] leave it well alone. (Carter, 1993 pp. 15)

Through this clever manipulation by the Marquis, he has baited her and acted in a way that would allow her to become suspicious, thus resulting in her death. By condescending her, the text reveals how the patriarchal man views women as unable to comprehend or handle complex situations. The narrator embodies feminist ideas and rebels against the threats that her husband makes to uncover the truth. Based on this metaphor, the conclusion of the story tells us that women are able to overthrow the

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