Waves Of Feminism

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In this new era, the term "Feminism" has brought different retaliations. Some people support the idea, but some are averse towards it. Based on Wikipedia, feminism is a belief in the equality between men and women in social, political, economic rights and possibilities in employment and education. Feminists, the people who support the idea of feminism, continue to campaign for women's right in receiving equal opportunities like those of men. This includes the rights to vote, to be voted, in possessing their own properties, to receive the same amount of salaries as men do, to secure a job, and fair treatments in marriage. Not only that, the feminist movement also fight for the protection of women and girls from sexual harassment, rape, and other types of violence abuse. …show more content…
However, history only recognized the three waves of feminism. The first wave, which happened in the 1830s to early 1900s, is primarily focused on women's fight for equal contract and property rights. The aim of this wave is for women's suffrage, for women to have the rights to vote. According to pacific.edu, the first wave began when 300 hundred men and women rallied for the equality for women's right in Seneca Falls Convention in

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