The Similarities Between Men And Feminism

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Men and feminism. Some people believe strongly that men can be feminists, while others find the idea abhorrent. Some would argue that men have no place in a movement for women, but others strongly believe that it takes the cooperation of the men to get a balanced perspective of what feminism truly signifies. This paper’s purpose is to identify the problem, and to discuss and propose ways that we as a people can solve this complex issue. Without input from men and women and how they feel about the issue and their reasons for and against it, we will never come to a conclusion, leaving the issue to grow more and more controversial. Feminism in itself has had its fair share of backlash. Once you add men into the equation; what do you get? …show more content…
In “Feminist Criticism: The Common Pursuit”, author Rowena Fowler talks about how women see men as incapable of being feminists and do not appreciate men’s criticism of feminism. She explains that “women have three things to fear from men’s involvement in feminist criticism: appropriation, subordination, and restriction. As long as these dangers are kept in mind there is no need for men to be excluded”. Essentially, she explains that excluding men will always make them less aware of what feminism is, setting them up for failure to understand if they were never given equal footing in the first …show more content…
Regardless of whether or not you feel a man can be a feminist, men can take several steps to promote feminism and support feminist women. Here are a few. One: When a man says he is a feminist, ask him to prove it by buying products made by women, to slow the huge amount of money that goes to big businesses owned by men that have shown no interest in promoting feminism. Two: Giving women space. If a woman does not call you, do not threaten or harass her. Realize that women are people too, and no one likes to be forced to do anything. Three: When a woman tells you something is sexist, believe her. Do not try to reason with her by saying it is “for comedic effect” or that “she would not understand because she is not a guy”. Instead, stop talking and listen, and make a note of that. On this note, always listen to what she has to say. Do not argue that you are a feminist if she feels you are not one. Four: When a guy friend says something sexist, do not stand by and ignore the problem. Instead, speak up to them and tell them why what they are doing is sexist. If they frequently make inappropriate comments/jokes and do not care about changing their ways, consider getting new friends. Imagine if the comments/jokes were being made to your sister, your daughter, your wife, etc. Five: If you have a tendency to get lewd or inappropriate when you drink or do drugs, stay away from the drugs. Show the women in your life that you

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