Feminism in Jane Eyre and the wide sargasso sea Essay

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Ladan Abdullahi
Feminism in Jane eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea A patriarchal society is a world in which men are the sole decision makers and hold positions of power and the highest authority. Patriarchy occurs when men are dominant, not necessarily in numbers but in their status related to decision making and power. As a result, women are introduced to a world made by men, and a history refined by a man's actions. In jean Rhy's Wide Sargasso Sea, the author focuses on the history of Bertha, one of the characters who are not given a voice in Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. Although, Jane and Bertha have disparate lives, they are both victims of the patriarchal society in which they inhibit.The novels Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë and
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From the beginning of the book, Jane's strong personality is quite clear. She often gets in trouble, arguing with her male counterparts, about how a woman's place in society. Furthermore, her refusal to accept the cultural norms of society is evident throughout the novel. For example, her attitude toward Mr. Rochester's attempts to lavish her with jewels and expensive garments for her wedding. In fact, she says that "the more he bought me, the more my cheek burned with a sense of annoyance and degradation" (Bronte 623). Her unwillingness to be objectified is the most prominent indication that she does not define herself by her beauty. The main character's disdain for male authority is evident throughout her childhood. In her early childhood in Gateshead Hall, Jane is continually abused by her aunt, Ms. Reed and cousins, John, Eliza and Georgiana. Jane was particularly abused by john who made her live in isolation and fear by beating her whenever he wants because he believed that Jane, as a woman and an orphan, is inferior. When John attempted to mentally and physically abuse her, Jane screamed, "Wicked and cruel boy!, you are like a murderer- you are like a roman emperor" (Bronte 65). Jane firmly decided to put an end to “the wicked boy” abuses. For the first time, Jane stood up a fought back when john hit her. Jane riposte to john’s cruelties demonstrate her determination to

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