Essay on Feminism : Ideology, Goals, And Action

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Feminism: Ideology, Goals, and Action
Feminism is both a movement and an ideology. Its definition may differ in scope depending on those defining it. However, feminism has influenced generations of women, has changed the role of women both culturally and politically, and has sparked several movements aimed at bettering the conditions of women and gaining them equal rights and equal access to government. Far from forgotten, feminism remains relevant even today.
Defining feminism can be difficult as the goals of feminism evolve and as proponents disagree on scope. However, according to Ferree and Mueller, feminism is the “goal of challenging and changing women’s subordination to men” (2004). This definition focuses on the actions of challenging and changing. It is not surprising, therefore, that feminism has erupted into social and political movements throughout history including the suffragist movement, the temperance movement, and the Equal Work, Equal Pay movement. However, it is important to distinguish between ideology and these types of movements. While conceptually different, they are intertwined and interrelated terms. Ideology helps give form and momentum to a movement; however during times when there are no major women’s movements active, feminist ideology and its goals remain.
Feminism has been the basis of several movements. One such movement was Suffragist Movement which argued that women have a right to vote, just as men do. While the goals of the…

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