Feminism : I Am A Much Braver Woman? Essay

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I love feminism. I am a much braver woman because of feminism. Women and men need feminism, just like we need air. We have so many opportunities and things to be thankful for because of feminism. I have hundreds of reasons why I needed feminism, and how I have become a better person because of it. Due to feminism, I have gained more confidence in a healthy body image, a greater understanding of my sister’s sexual orientation, and a greater moral compass.
I would never want to go back to a world without feminism. Women had to stay home, clean, cook, smile, always be ready to “please” their hard working husbands. Women were supposed to have children, be godly, and have no desire to “get their hands dirty” or sweat playing sports. According to the textbook, A Day without Feminism, “After 30 years of feminism, the world in which we inhabit barely resembles the world we were born into. And there’s still a lot left to do.” I know I am so thankful for what we have so far, and so excited to see where we can take it in the future. I have so much more self-confidence and self-worth. I am much more comfortable saying NO and actually accepting a compliment. I am confident in who I am and what I believe I will become. I know that I am beautiful and do not need people to think the same in order to feel confident. I know that even though my voice is small, I can still make it heard, and help energize feminism even more. I am not a size double zero, but I am healthy and that is all that…

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