Essay about Feminism, Discrimination, And Violence Against Women

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Feminism is a relevant in the 21st century as it was in the 19th century. Inequality for women is a global issue, in which all feminists are campaigning to eliminate. . This essay will explore the relevance of feminism in today’s current society, what it has achieved and what it endeavours to achieve. It will discuss the concept of workplace inequality, discrimination and violence against women.
Feminism is the term given to the act of women, fighting for the equality of the genders in opportunity and rights. (_______) It came about in the 19th century when women were fighting for the fight to vote and it has continued on to the present day as women fight to remove all elements of gender equality in their lives. Like the different types of feminist, the movement itself has be categorised into three different motions. The first wave started in the 19th century as women campaigned for their right to vote. Although campaigned in many separate countries New Zealand was the first to grant their female occupants the right to vote, this was soon followed by Australia and other nations. The Second wave started in the 1960’s through to the 1980’s (_____). After the first waves achievement of allowing women to vote, more gender in equalities came to light. Majority of these were exposed due to the end of World War II, when women were expected to return to the docile roles of housewives when the men returned. These inequalities became the focus for the second wave, including…

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