Feminist Analysis Of Patriarchy

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The term beauty or prettiness is a burning and sizzling topic which has turned into an instrument of measurement these days. Especially facial and physical beauty has become the exclusive appraisal of the worth of girls. In the words of feminism this is what we called ‘strategy of patriarchy’ to control women & girls and their bodies.
If we look back to the traditional metaphors we will see from feminist views that patriarchy is the main culprit behind this drama. It is the patriarchal terms of conduct of women in society that they must be thin, skinny, toned, fair, flawless, perfect, beautiful, hot, sexy, ravishing, and stunning- in a word they must look attractive to catch men’s gaze. She must acquire such qualities rather being intelligent, competent, charismatic, and artistic. Though decades to decade women have been treated as the sexual object and their
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Henceforth, feminist critiques show that social structure always associate the beauty phrase with women, it has become the tradition that beauty perception is for women and handsome idea is for men. But it is no mystery that beauty plays an important role in the lives of both men and women. According to my definition of beauty it is applicable for both boys and girls. Both can be perceived beautiful as beauty comes from within and every human being is beautiful. It is not mandatory to be white and skinny to be beautiful. According to Plato’s account, beauty is inherent in the object itself-this also shows how much malign our social structures are especially in terms of beauty practices and perception. Through an informal survey on some university students, I tried to find out are boys really concerned about beauty phenomena like girls? The answer surprised me by giving quite an equal proportional view. This illustrates challenges towards the conventional notion of beauty phrase before 20th

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