Feminism, By Susan Glaspell As The American Feminist Movement

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In the past, people were treated depending on the gender: men were treated better than women as strength of men was important to live in the past before the society develops. However, as the people generally thought of women insignificant, women have started to speak up to get over this unchanging perspective. In the early twentieth century, more women maintain for an equality in gender which is called feminism. As feminist group gets larger, more literacy works supporting feminism are published. One of those is ‘Trifles’ by Susan Glaspell as the American feminist movement was addressing feminism at that time (Manuel, 57). There are several factors in Trifles representing the importance of feminism such as setting and situation. First, the setting is the first factor that implies the importance of feminism. In Trifles, the main setting is an isolated rural farm house. From the line 9 in Trifles, it is known that the husband is a passive person who prefers quiet and peace. However, from the line 56 in Trifles, Minnie, the wife, is an active person who prefers singing. Thus, the house located in remote rural farm indicates that the opinion of the husband is considered more important than that of wife. If they think both opinions should be considered as same, they could have a house that matches the preference of both: quiet urban side or rural but close to urban. Therefore, this setting indicates the importance of feminism. Moreover, Minnie lived lonely and gloomy life…

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