Feminism, By Jessica Valenti Essay

1109 Words May 24th, 2016 null Page
Jessica Valenti is a prominent feminist, she’s written four books on the matter and currently writes for The Guardian about Women’s Issues. I looked into her pieces and found a big problem with what she was talking about. One article was her complaining about catcalling, where she tells women to walk the streets without fear, which is certainly a good thing. But another article a year later, by the same journalist, says that she misses it and wishes society would give more attention to women.
She calls herself a representative of feminism, but is completely lost in what she’s talking about, just like most of the feminists you’ll find on the internet. She is a disgrace to women and undoes the good work of proper feminists like Rosie Batty and Emma Watson, and I recommend you see their speeches on the matter. Feminism, despite being a worthy cause in the first and second waves, where they fought for the vote and other basic rights, is unnecessary in modern times. In the west, women are absolutely not a disadvantaged class. And yet, we still have some, not all, feminists continuously complaining about being “oppressed” and hating on men, when they don’t see the full picture. They don’t see that men do not have it all.

Feminists, and disappointingly the general public believe there is a gender wage gap, where women earn about 83c for each dollar a man makes for the same work in Australia. Now, if this myth was actually true, and women actually did get paid less for the exact…

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