Feminism And Women 's Equal Rights Essay

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What is feminism? Feminism is an movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation and oppression. In my own word feminism is used for an woman figure, who fight for civil rights and equality with men in all fields, such as going outside for jobs, making decisions for family or joining political parties. However, today due to feminism movement women get more media attention compare to men in social issues, which make men think that the word ‘feminism’ is a negative word itself. According to the word “feminism,” people constantly blamed and degraded men by making the belief that all men’s are cruel and they can never respect women. However, there are men who fight for women’s equal rights. For example, whenever a man and woman have fought in the public place, people usually blame the man due to word feminism. Even though, people don 't know who 's right or wrong, they assume that men are always disrespectful to women without knowing if the man is innocent or who 's fault was it behind the fight. It only happened on behalf of the word feminism; it has created an image in people’s mind that women are weak, innocuous and forgiving, but men are strong, harsh, and arrogant. Therefore, it makes peoples to assume that being an arrogant and strong man is trying to suppress innocuous woman to not raise her voice. Also, if we look at the word “Feminism” it 's only giving strength to females rather than saying both genders are equal. So by looking this example and reading the book “Feminism…

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